Digital Advantage Online is a brand-new digital employability programme for schools and colleges. Our video-led, task-based training curriculum gives students the skills, confidence, and line of sight to employment in the digital economy.

In addition, to make teacher’s lives easier, we’ve also developed a Teacher CPD to give you the know-how to successfully manage a digital project for your school.

What you get

Featuring over 30 hours of interactive learning, created by industry professionals, each workshop comes with bite-size lesson plans, interactive digital challenges, and technical support. All of the workshops have been developed in conjunction with industry professionals. Hosting the online video-based workshops, our trainers guide students step-by-step to develop a suite of entry level digital sills. Given access to the latest tools and techniques, students will develop and deepen their hidden creative talent that will serve them well both in the classroom and future employment.

These Digital Advantage Online workshops are all available now:

Student Workshops


Social Media Educator Rubbi Bhogal-Wood shows you the process behind creating a stand out brand for any project - perfect for school subjects, students’ interests, school events, fundraising activities and so much more.


Your guide to Videography is Ezra Rushen, one of the founders of Digital Advantage. In this workshop, Ezra takes students through the different stages of film making and walks them to techniques used by professionals to create engaging videos.


Vic Turnbull is the trainer for this module. She’s the founder of MIC Media and takes students through the process of producing a podcast episode (or if they are feeling adventurous, a series).


Professional family photographer Nicola Wardle is your expert guide in this workshop. She introduces the students to different styles of photography and techniques that they will have a chance to use during the sessions.

Website Design

Paul Holloway, Freelance Media Trainer, introduces students to Google Sites, a simple website making system that gets you up and running quickly. He guides students through the key stages needed to create a compelling website for any project students want to tell the world about.

Coming in Spring 2021


Identity Design

Social Media

Certified Teacher CPD

We understand that some teachers may not have a wide range of digital skills. That’s why we’ve created a Certified Teacher CPD programme. It’s been designed to provide even a novice with the skills and confidence to be able to run a digital project for your school.

For teachers, we provide online video calls to help technical set-up and develop ideas, and Induction Pack including Lesson Plans, 2 X 2-hour courses in Web Design (Google Sites), and Digital Project Management - all designed to provide even a novice with the skills and confidence to be able to run a digital project for your school.

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"Students reported the positive impact the work had on their confidence as well as helping them to develop creative skills and the skills necessary to work together to solve problems."

Dave Muncey, Melland High School

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