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In partnership with The Manchester College, we recently launched our brand-new Digital Inc. Supported Internship for 16-24-year-old young people with Education Health & Care Plans with an online information event. You can find a film of the event below which takes you through why we have created it, who is involved and supporting us, and most importantly – how you can apply!

You may have questions after watching so we have put together an FAQs doc. Hopefully, this covers all you need, but if you would like to know anything else, or wish to Express an Interest in this opportunity, please contact Rav Gehlon by email – [email protected] or phone – 07801 542286.

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What you get

Digital Inc. is a 2-year programme which will see us train groups of students before creating a number of supported internships and job opportunities. Year 1 sees an extended 10 day version of the PopUp digital agency before moving into Year 2 where a select group of students will complete an extended work experience.

Digital Inc. Agency Internship

1 year of work experience

1 year full-time agency work experience in our Manchester city centre workspace

Real life briefs

Work on real-life briefs set by creative & digital employers


Careers advice

Careers support, advice and guidance. Education, training or employment options. Customised career advice from North Star Guidance


Maths & English

Weekly Maths and English/functional skills lessons


SEND aware employers

Regular encounters with SEND aware employers. 10-15 supported employment places


Interview time

Time off to attend interviews for further employment. Continued education, training and employment

Portfolio & Freelance work

Ability to build their own portfolio and create freelance working opportunities


Pastoral Care

One-to-one pastoral support sessions to safeguard our interns' health and wellbeing

Here’s some we prepared earlier

Take a look at this year's inspirational projects from our participating Digital Inc. schools.

  • Future 5

    Our Life Skills App helps young people get ready for adult working life by developing the 5 essential skills needed by employers:

    Problem Solving
    Team Work

  • Love2Cook

    Love2Cook is an app designed to support independent living amongst young people with special educational needs.  Spread across three sections, the app gives recipe ideas the you want to use the food you have in your cupboards, gives new recipes and shopping tips for when you want to branch out and has a range of videos and guides to make sure you prepare food and cook safely.

  • Movie Matrix

    Movie Matrix helps you find your perfect cinema experience whilst also saving you money. Our MM Members can also get access to exclusive in-app trailers, VIP movie nights and loyalty points.

    If you’re an independently ran cinema or you create pop-up or outdoor cinema events, ask us about our Partnerships Programme that can help you get more customers. Our app can promote your event as well as process bookings and payments.

  • LightBulb

    Our app creates a community for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, grow networks and connect with new business partnerships. The app offers the ability to check your idea is original, produce new ideas and then allows you to copyright these ideas to secure them as your own.

  • KLBR

    KLBR has been designed to help people keep up with fashion and on trend by making clothes shopping easier using ‘Snap and go’.  See somebody wearing an item of clothing that you would like?  Simply snap a pic in the app and it will provide you links to where you can buy it online, even finding where it’s on offer and so making you a saving.

  • TrakAJacker

    With so many young people owning expensive phones, clothing and electronic devices, the project team realised that there was a gap in the market for tracking any ‘tagged’ expensive items that had been stolen. Whilst iPhone and Android have an inbuilt ‘find my’ facility this wasn’t available for laptops, notebooks or even expensive items of clothing, cycles, etc. The tracking would be provided through a small chipped sticker, which could be added to any item the user wanted to, it would then be registered with the TrakAJackr service. If the item was stolen, the owner could dial into their APP and find out where the stolen item was via GPS and get their stolen item back.

  • Surf-a-Sitter

    Surf-A-Sitter helps parents who want their social lives back by matching the right suited sitter to their family by using a profile-based preference service app.
    We are part of the family!

  • Art Ignite

    Dive into the world of art with art ignite. Meet other artists and help each other by posting your creations and gain likes and views. Learn from other arists, be noticed and be in love the with the work you produce. Starts with a tap of a button.

  • Trackkly

    Trackkly is a GPS tracking band that can be worn by anyone who is feeling threatened. Our project will alert a designated contact that you are worried about your safety, the exact location will be sent to this contact in hope they will take action to take away any fear. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Digital Inc. takes the digital revolution a step further by creating real opportunities for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).


The safety and care of all young people participating in Digital Advantage programmes is very important to us. You can download our full safeguarding policy here.

"Students reported the positive impact the work had on their confidence as well as helping them to develop creative skills and the skills necessary to work together to solve problems."

Dave Muncey, Melland High School

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