Discovering Social Media Marketing: A Day with Ben Simpson

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On the 8th of February, DISC was delighted to host a special one-day workshop on Social Media Marketing, led by the talented Ben Simpson. Ben, who serves as a Governor of DISC, is not only a freelance social media manager and content creator but also a film-maker with a rich background in digital media.

The workshop began with Ben introducing himself and sharing his educational and career journey. His narrative was not just inspiring but also enlightening, particularly highlighting his work with clients such as RecodeXR Studio, a pioneering Virtual Production Studio in Manchester. Ben’s previous collaboration with Digital Advantage, creating a series of engaging videos that charted the progress of their outreach programme, then titled Digital Inc., showcasing his exceptional skills and passion for digital storytelling.

The day was structured around hands-on activities, guiding the interns through the process of creating compelling digital content. This was particularly significant as the skills learnt will be utilised regularly at DISC, especially when welcoming visitors to the college.

What set Ben’s workshop apart was his candidness about his life as an individual with autism. Sharing his personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Ben offered a unique perspective on navigating the digital marketing world as a neurodiverse individual. His openness provided a profound learning experience for the interns, many of whom could relate to his journey. It underscored the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and education sectors.

Ben Simpson’s workshop not only equipped our interns with valuable social media marketing skills but also offered them a glimpse into their future working lives. It was a day of learning, inspiration, and empowerment for all involved.