Projects from our Digital Inc. programme

Future 5

Our Life Skills App helps young people get ready for adult working life by developing the 5 essential skills needed by employers:

Problem Solving
Team Work


Accolade is a brand new app and website developed to create fair, efficient rewards systems in schools. By removing layers of administration, Accolade has been designed to help students and staff to track rewards points effectively, reduce staff workload and improve positive communication channels with parents.

Talk Buddy

Talk Buddy is a digital newsroom designed by students, for students. They will generate their own content using a range of media such as podcasts, video, photo and print to showcase their achievements school websites and via social media and so creating a positive student-led communication channel with parents and the wider community.

Rose Café

Our student-run cafe, which opens for business every Friday, needs a reboot. Why? We are losing sales because many of our customers no longer carry cash. We searched for digital solutions and discovered we can use contactless card reader to help our customers to pay their bills.

Careers Hive

Careers Hive is a digital resource that aims to capture positive and inspiring stories from young people with SEND who have moved from school into employment or further education before signposting other young people to organisations that can support them are the same transition.

Pocket Money Pro

Pocket Money Pro is an App that helps children and parents manage pocket money. It encourages children to help in the home, spend less time online and exercise. Parents can set chores with payment or reward options and also have the ability to switch on the wifi when chores are completed. The App will be free to download and available on iOS and Android. Parents will be charged 2% of any monies paid into the account. Pocket Money Pro will work with brands to offer rewards, discount and advertising.


SMILE is an app designed by young people with SEND which aims to making independent living ease the challenges around living independently for them and their peers by reviewing and sharing findings on 4 key areas Work, Shopping, Home & Transport.


Our digital device reduction app helps young people reduce the amount of time they spend on digital devices to become more active and healthy by monitoring screen time, with incentives for time away from screens and offering rewards and prizes for getting more active.