LOK-R is a secure system that makes it easy for students to collect and return valuable equipment, using an app on their phones. This idea is to enhance the way colleges, high schools and universities handle stuff like cameras, laptops and tablets. LOK-R allows people to access equipment safely and securely without the hassle of waiting for a member of staff.


Welcome to Weebichibi, our company has a big aim to get people to buy Animation Merchandise for a cheap price that also is not fake so therefore you are getting a good deal both ways.


Want to Al-Locate those Allergies? Well, you’re in luck, this app can target those problems that can cause those allergies to be found, providing information on the foods you can eat safely and without worry!

Futura Chef

Welcome to Futura Chef. Our app is based on providing recipes from all over the world to young children helping them pursue their passion in the industry of cooking, we hope you find this website useful.